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1.1 Installation

From WordPress.org

WP-HR Manager can be installed directly from the WordPress plugin repository:

  1. Go to WP Dashboard → Plugins → Add new
  2. Now search for ‘WP-HR Manager’ on the search bar to the right.
  3. Click on Install.
  4. Activate.


From a Zip File

If you choose, you can download a Zip file from the WordPress Repository.

To install from a zip:

  1. Go to WP Dashboard → Plugins → Add new
  2. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’ button
  3. Select your zip file using the ‘Browse’ option
  4. Upload
  5. Activate

Checking the software is installed

If you are installing WP-HR Manager for the first time, then an Easy Setup Wizard will launch following activation.

You should also notice some new menu items in the WP Admin panel sidebar: ‘WPHR Settings’, ‘WPHR Manager’ and ‘WPHR Leave’.



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